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Why choose an Manual ethanol fireplace

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The alcohol fireplace is a kind of ventless fireplace, which uses biomass ethanol alcohol as a fuel source. You can use many types of such appliances indoors and outdoors. Since they do not require chimneys or gas pipes, these convenient devices can be moved to any place you want. Using an alcohol fireplace indoors or outdoors is as easy as lighting a match. Alcohol fireplace appliances are generally quite safe, but it is also important to use fireplaces and store fuel as directed.

Benefits of a Manual Bioethanol Burner

1.No power or cables are required and it can be mounted everywhere.Manual bioethanol burners and fireplaces can be installed and placed freely, because they do not require any power or other cable connection, nor does it need a chimney, vent or flue. The only factor to consider is which size you want the burner to have.However, you, of course, still need to be aware of general fire hazards and safety distances. You can read about safety distances in our guide on the subject.

2.Manual bioethanol burners are cheap Bio ethanol fires have existed for some years, with the manufacturers continuously optimising the production costs. Furthermore, the manual burners does not require any digital technology, and this means that the prices of manual bio fireplaces are quite low at this point.

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