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About simulation electronic fireplace

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Decorative simulation fireplace is more prominent and popular. It simulates the effect of "burning wood" in fireplace to achieve the purpose of house decoration, without heating function. It can be seen in neoclassical style.
Advantages of folding simulation fireplace
Simulation fireplace does not need to consider the problem of flue. Generally, there are few buildings with flue space in China. If simulation fireplace is used, it does not need to transform the single villa and other spaces, and can be directly installed to achieve the beautiful effect. In addition, as a heating equipment, the fireplace in China can not fully meet the needs of indoor heating, or it is mainly decorative. So the simulation fireplace is relatively simple, convenient, easy to use and home decoration.
Folding place
Villas, apartments, hotels, model rooms, KTV, exhibition halls, living halls, cinemas, living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, airports, cafes, teahouses, bars, catering places and entertainment places.

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