Intelligent Ethanol Fire

Special Shape Intelligent Ethanol Fire Series

  • The product name:Special Shape Intelligent Ethanol Fire Series
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The burner is the container that contains the bioethanol. When lighted up, water, heat and carbon dioxide are released into the room.It has a burner which can come in different shapes and dimension.

There are several kinds of electric ethanol fire place

It is very easy to install. You can even install it your self after you have gone through installation processes well. Therefore it comes with no stress. It is also very easy to do. You simply mount the freestanding model. The built-in ones are also very easy to install.  

Electric ethanol fireplace has very different models and shapes to meet your various needs. For example, square ethanol fire or round ethanol fire can be placed on a round table, which is convenient to move and beautiful. According to the length of the ledge, you can also choose a rectangular Electric ethanol fireplace or customize it.They can be installed anywhere from the bedroom, bathroom and living ra oom to the dining room and patio. The tabletop ethanol fireplaces are convenient for outdoor uses as they can easily be moved from one place to another.


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